DEC Workshops

DEC offers Workshops that inspire and network local Dance Educators as they work with K-college students.


The German Influence in Minnesota Modern Dance  February 2003

Summer Dance Educator's Workshop 2010

Previous Workshops

2009 Rebecca Nettl Fiol
“From Crawling to Leaping; Alexander Technique Principles Applied to Dance Training”

2008 Cathy Young
“Jazz Dance”

2007 Bill Evans and Darwin Prioleau
“Teaching Modern and Jazz Dance with Responsibility and Brilliance”

2006 Jan Erkert
“Curriculum Sequencing, Composition and Technique”

2005 Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig
“Modern Dance Composition and Improvisation”

2004 Bill Evans
“Modern Dance Technique, Composition and Rhythm Tap”

2003 Peggy Hackney
“Dancing From Your Core”

2002 Danny Buraczeski and Heidi Jasmin
“Musicality - the Delicate Balance Between Movement and Music”

2001 Claire Porter        Photo
“Dancing Words; Speaking Movement”

2000 “What is Fundamental”

1999 Patrick Debenham
“Dance and Theater ; Finding the Common and Uncommon Ground”

1998 Veta Goler
“Dancing from the African Aesthetic”

1997 Veta Goler       Photo
“Connections Across Cultures-Focus on African American”

1996 Sue Stinson, Kari Margolis and others
 “The Knowing and Moving Body”

1995 Anne Green Gilbert
“Dancing Across the Curriculum”

1994 Erin Thompson
“Creating a Positive Climate for Learning”

1993 Kevin Locke and Morris Johnson    Photo
“Beyond Costumes and Exotic Foods”

1992 Patrick Debenham (Brigham Young University)

1991 Bill Evans and Joanie Carlisle     Photo
“Dance for Special Populations”

1990 Bala Sarasavati and Marna Herrity
Laban’s Effort Shape

1989 Bill Evans and Debra Knapp     Photo

1988 Ruth Solomon and Mary Ann Lee      Photos
Anatomy as a Master Image in Training Dancers and Children’s Dance

1987 Ann Carlson and Kathleen Hill
K-12 Emphasis

1986 Abby Fiat (University of Utah)
Technique, Improvisation, Composition